Sunday, July 28, 2013

"There is a world elsewhere"

Hello and welcome to "A World Elsewhere,"

My name is Adam Vera. I am a freelance writer 
with a BA in English Literature who regularly publishes a wide range of articles and essays, apart from the odd fictional piece. I love to study literature, film, and culture and plan to attend graduate school next fall to study Renaissance drama. My fictional influences include Shakespeare, Middleton, Marlowe, Poe, Melville, and Fitzgerald while my critical and scholarly influences include Montaigne, Barthes, and Baudrillard.

The title of my blog, inspired by a quotation from William Shakespeare's Coriolanus, is a nod to my love of Shakespeare and an allusion to the purpose of this blog, to explore the worlds offered by great works of art. My posts will deal with plays, books, films, television programs, and other aspects of popular culture, especially those relevant to current events or cultural trends. My goal is to provide intelligent, clearly-written, and thought-provoking posts that will be of interest to anyone who loves good literature, films, or other works of art. 

My blog should be of interest to students, academics, writers, and anyone else interested in literature or culture. Feel free to leave feedback, comments, dissenting views, or questions, I love them all. I am always conscious of my audience and will follow up on comments, possibly with new posts related to them. Finally, following my posts is free. You can have access to what I hope will be enjoyable and stimulating writing that follows currents of modern thought, while simultaneously looking beyond our current society into the vast expanse of human thought and creation represented by literary and artistic achievements handed down to us from that "world elsewhere."