Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare at the AT&T Performing Arts Center

Source: AT&T Performing Arts Center Website
It is that time of year again! Shakespeare Dallas's fall season is starting and the first offering for this year is a staged-reading The Comedy of Errors, Shakespeare's classic tale of mistaken identities. The play is probably among the first Shakespeare wrote and is certainly one of his funniest comedies. It is also the shortest play Shakespeare ever wrote. Starting off with a short and silly play seems like a nice choice considering that this spring's season ended with a "live and uncut" production of Richard III, Shakespeare's second-longest play and certainly one of his darkest.

Like all performances in the "Complete Works" series, The Comedy of Errors is a staged-reading. The actors wear simple costumes, use minimal props, and move around the stage as they would in a full production, but they read from their scripts rather than perform purely from memory. To keep expenses low, each production only spends about a week in development before the two performances.

The Comedy of Errors opens today, September 8, at 3 PM and also plays tomorrow, September 9, at 7 PM. Ticket prices are $10 online or "pay-what-you-can" at the door. Admission is free to Shakespeare Dallas members and students get 2 free tickets. For more information about the venue, times, and ticket prices, I recommend visiting